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RAS Bookkeeping 

In bookkeeping, RAS is unique in the fact that we have the ability do real time interactions through our RAS cloud. We are also an avid user of Xero accounting system.

RAS Payroll

RAS runs payrolls for companies ranging from 1-2 people to 150+. No matter how big your company is you will have the same RAS features. One of the unique features we provide at RAS is our cloud based systems. For payroll, you as an employer can input payroll information through customized pay types. This information will be verified by a qualified RAS employee and then run through the RAS Payroll system. As soon as the system is finished your employees can be notified via email and or text message. They also will have access to their personal information like their W-2, paystubs, and have the power to customize the way they would like to be notified of their payment. 

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​RAS Accountancy 

Being a Certified Public Accountant firm RAS Accountancy helps companies by providing a wide arrange services. These services include audits, corporate taxes, non-profit taxes, individual taxes, business consulting, and financial planning